What are the various date fields in lookback API snapshots?
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What are the various date fields in lookback API snapshots?


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


What are the various date fields in Rally's lookback API snapshots results?


Release : SAAS


The lookback API exposes the following date fields:

  • _SnapshotDate
  • _ValidFrom
  • _ValidTo
  • RevisionDate



This date is an indication of when the snapshot was built or rebuilt.  It is not very reliable for customer use as it could track the _ValidFrom, _ValidTo or, neither of those dates if a data rebuild was necessary.  It is not recommended to use this date value in applications or reports.



This date is the date that the snapshot was created.  Combined with the _ValidTo date, it provides a window of time that the values in the snapshot were the values that were set on the corresponding work item.



This date represents the date the snapshot was superseded by a new snapshot, or if the _ValidTo date is shown as 9999-01-901 00:00:00:000Z then that snapshot is the current and has not been superseded by any other snapshots.



The RevisionDate represents the date/time stamp shown in the Revision History of the work item for that revision number.  This date should be similar to _ValidFrom but may be off by a few seconds depending on how quickly the snapshot was taken after the update occurred.