Audit Deleted Record in Asset Portfolio Management
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Audit Deleted Record in Asset Portfolio Management


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CA Service Management - Asset Portfolio Management


Audit history data with CA Asset Portfolio Management/ITAM for deleted records is deleted with a record is deleted.

Is there any way to query for deleted records in CA Asset Portfolio Management/ITAM?


CA Asset Portfolio Management/ITAM


All Supported Operating Systems and DBMS


CA Asset Portfolio Management/ITAM saves a DELETE audit record in the database for a delete transaction on the record.

In the case of cost audits, one needs to see the aud_al_costdet table as below.  Note that the audit_trail_type we are filtering on is DELETE. The other available audit trail types are INSERT and UPDATE

select cost_id, audit_trail_type, audit_trail_user, dbo.secs2date(audit_trail_date) as audit_trail_date, * from aud_al_costdet where audit_trail_type = 'DELETE'

However, this table will not help with the details of the asset this cost record is associated to.

The table that links asset with a cost is arg_link_asset_cost.

Since the cost records were deleted in this case, the records would have got deleted already from this table too.

However, the above query shall produce the dates (audit_trail_date) on which the records got deleted, which could help identify the records.