Prevent Selecting Inactive CI's when creating request
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Prevent Selecting Inactive CI's when creating request


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Currently have Spectrum integrated with Service Desk for Incident generation. This issue that we are having is that we have duplicate CI/Asset Names in SDM/ITAM which some are active and some are not active. When Spectrum sends the alarm it randomly selects either the active or inactive CI/Asset.

Is there a way or preventing the selection of an inactive CI when a Spectrum alarm is received?  

Same question as well for end users, can an end user be prevented from selecting an inactive CI when creating a request through the regular web UI?


Release : 17.3

CA Service Desk Manager


You will need to define a data partition that either masks out inactive CIs from view for the end user, or only allows request ticket creation if the associated configuration item is active ie:

Option 1:  Disallow the finding of an inactive CI (View DP against the ca_owned_resource table)

Option 2:  Allow tickets to be created if the associated CI is an active entry.  (Create DP against the call_req table)

However, something else to consider is that in the standard Web UI for 17.3, end users are unable to select anything other than active CI's when creating a new request.  The baseline functionality blocks access to inactive CI's when searching for a CI under the "Configuration Item" field of a new Request/Incident/Problem.  


Additional Information

If your end users are able to make such a CI selection when creating a request, recommend either of the above data partitions be assigned, consider upgrade to our later RU's as this functionality had been tested in 17.3 RU22 using an end user who had no data partitioning assigned, or review of your web form customisations to see if the functionality is being overridden by content in your site/mods.