Spectrum: Remove a configuration from the DNAC Plugin
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Spectrum: Remove a configuration from the DNAC Plugin


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CA Virtual Network Assurance


Once I remove the configuration in VNA what will happen to the devices in Spectrum?


Release : 22.2.x


  • By default, SNMP modeling is enabled in Spectrum for the VNA integration.
  • If the integration is disabled or an engine is deleted all of the associated SDN Models will be deleted, but the SNMP-enabled models will be left behind (not deleted).
  • Any VNA-related SDN attributes which are updated on these SNMP models are not cleaned up they are left in place.



Additional Information

Addressing the Issue of Getting Duplicate SNMP Models
(21.2.8 and higher) 
  • Issue of getting duplicate SNMP models in DX NetOps Spectrum because of the VNA integration.
  • To help you manage this scenario, a new parameter (com.ca.spectrum.app.sdn.integration.manager.SdnModelingWaitActive) is now introduced in the OneClick server $SPECROOT\tomcat\webapps\spectrum\WEB-INF\web.xml file.
  • You can enable this parameter by setting its value to true.
  • After you change its value, you must restart your OneClick server.
  • This ensures that the new intelligence logic to check for duplicate SNMP models is enabled, and you no longer get such duplicate models in your environment.
  • By default, the value of the parameter is set to false
  • Therefore, you must enable this parameter only if facing this specific issue.