Anti-spam definitions are not updating
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Anti-spam definitions are not updating


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Messaging Gateway


The Messaging Gateway (SMG) Control Center Status page shows that anti-spam definitions are not being updated:

Looking in the conduit logs under Status > Logs shows connection errors to

2023-01-12T16:19:35-03:00 (ERROR:16508.1251457152): [12034] Network error occurred, Failed connect to; Connection timed out (7), check your network connection settings, check your proxy settings (if applicable), and check to ensure that port 443 (HTTPS) is open through any relevant firewalls.


The Messaging Gateway scanner cannot connect to rule update servers to download anti-spam rules. This is likely due to firewall restrictions preventing connections to the internet on port 443.


Confirm with your firewall team that Messaging Gateway is able to connect to the internet hosts defined in Ports and hostnames used by Messaging Gateway