Dynamically activate updates to SCM parmlib member
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Dynamically activate updates to SCM parmlib member


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


We have a requirement to update the SCM parmlibe member (add additional DEFIN statements that were previously commented out.   Once the updates are made how to we activate these updates without recycling Sysview?  I understand the GSSA address space may be involved but I am not sure what the specific process is for this particular requirement.   Some parmlib options in Sysview can be refreshed with the f sysview,reload..... command.  What is the process for the SCM parmlib member?



Release : 17.0


After making the changes, enter the command MENU GSS

SCM can than be bounced by selecting Option 28  28 Shutdown and Restart System Condition Monitoring 

Looking at the associated GSS task, the start and stop of the SCM should be visible.