Exporting Trace files from a macbook
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Exporting Trace files from a macbook


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


We are trying to export traces and anything else we can to provide to a vendor, but it looks like the web UI still does not support "save as" operations. The workstation client used to support this feature; does it still? If so, how can we acquire a binary to install on my macbook?


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We looked in APM webview, and we do not find any way to export the traces to a file.

We find that currently we have following two options available.

1- workstation
2- clw command line.

The workstation has limitation that it is only certified with Windows and Linux servers.

APM Compatibility Guides link:

You can use the following command to save traces to a file.

# cd /opt/APM/EM/lib
and run the following command
/opt/APM/EM/jre/bin/java -Xmx128M -Duser=Admin -Dpassword="" -Dhost=localhost -Dport=5001 -jar CLWorkstation.jar get historical events matching "Tomcat"

Following will be output.
Writing Transaction Trace Data to /opt/APM/EM/lib/TransactionTraceData-20230126220834.xml

You can save CLWorkstation.jar to another server where the java is installed and run this. It does work when we tested from another Linux sever where no EM components are installed.

Here are details on the query that you can specify. In above example, we just obtained the traces for Tomcat from the environment.

The Query returns matching events from the event database. It should consist of one or more Field options and their corresponding Values. An asterisk (*) may be used as a wildcard in a Value, but it cannot be the first character in the string. Field:Value pairs may be grouped with () and connected by AND, OR, and NOT. Some commonly used Field options are listed below.

> agent, fullAgent - Finds events reported by a particular agent. Use fullAgent to include the full path domain|host|process|agent.
        E.g. - agent:ControlledRangeAgent, fullAgent:AcmeWest|Wmiddle01|Custom Metric Host|ControlledRangeAgent
> domain, host, process - Finds events associated with a particular domain, host, or process.
        E.g. - domain:AcmeWest, host:Wmiddle01, process:Custom Metric Host
> root - Finds events associated with specific component(s), as specified by metric path.
        E.g. - root:servlets|accountServlet
> type - Finds events of a particular type: error events (errorsnapshot), user-initiated transaction traces (normal), traces from Introscope's
        default transaction sampling (sampled), events generated from Application Overview heuristics (whatsinteresting).
        E.g. - type:errorsnapshot, type:normal, type:sampled, type:whatsinteresting
> url - Finds events associated with the specified URL path prefix. The prefix is the portion of the URL after the hostname and before the
        question mark and parameters.
        E.g. - url:/bWar/burgerServlet
> urlParams - Finds events associated with the specified URL parameters. URL parameters follow a question mark (?) in the URL.
        E.g. - urlParams:category=734*
> user - Finds events associated with the specified Username.
        E.g. - user:jdoe.