TLS Gateway on AIX - No negotiable cipher suite
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TLS Gateway on AIX - No negotiable cipher suite


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


I encountered difficulties starting the TLS Gateway Agent on AIX

I installed the TLS Gateway on my host through CAU then created and downloaded the agent.
I installed the downloaded agent on the same host where AE is running (JCP, JWP, REST, AIX Agent and AWI;all up and running ).

When starting the TLS Gateway Agent, it shuts down with the following message:

20230131/145406.328 - U02000000 Started program Agent 'AUTOMIC_TLS_GW', version '21.0.4+build.12', changelist '1661881312'.
20230131/145406.331 - U02000232 Build Date: '2022-08-30', '17:45:39'
20230131/145406.333 - U02000037 Started Agent with INI file '/opt/automic/21.0.4/agent_TLS_GW/bin/uctlsgtw.ini'.
20230131/145406.334 - U02000090 Java Runtime Environment version: '1.8.0_341'
20230131/145406.336 - U02000421 Java Runtime Environment name: 'Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment'
20230131/145406.337 - U02000091 Java Runtime Environment vendor: 'IBM Corporation'
20230131/145406.570 - U02000071 Current directory: /opt/automic/21.0.4/agent_TLS_GW/bin
20230131/145406.572 - U02000066 Host information: Host name='automic', IP address=''
20230131/145406.892 - U02000154 The JVM option HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError is not enabled: ''.
20230131/145406.914 - U02000379 Initiating connection to server 'automic:8443' using WebSocket URI: 'wss://automic:8443/agent'.
20230131/145406.926 - Jetty: Logging initialized @3434ms to com.uc4.ex.cp.JettyLogger
20230131/145408.221 - U02000385 Web socket error: 'No negotiable cipher suite'.
20230131/145408.222 - No negotiable cipher suite
20230131/145408.224 - java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: No negotiable cipher suite
20230131/145408.225 - Caused by No negotiable cipher suite
20230131/145408.226 - U02000380 Could not connect to server 'automic:8443'.
20230131/145408.228 - U02000074 Connecting to system 'AUTOMIC' is not possible.
20230131/145408.229 - com.uc4.ex.cp.InitialConnectionException: Initial connection with endpoint not possible. Please check your configuration.
20230131/145408.230 - U02000041 Shutdown Agent 'AUTOMIC_TLS_GW'.
20230131/145408.232 - U02000002 Agent 'AUTOMIC_TLS_GW' version '21.0.4+build.12' ended abnormally.


Release : 21.0.4


Unsupported Java version IBM Java v8


Since you are installing the TLS Gate way on AIX you will have to install either:

  • IBM Open J9 JVM
  • Adoptium OpenJDK v11