Cost Plan Details Error API-1019
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Cost Plan Details Error API-1019


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Clarity PPM SaaS


When trying to open an specific cost plan, the following error appears in the UX:
API-1019: Could not process the request due to internal error.

1. Go to specific project 
2. Click Financial > Cost Plans 
3. Select a cost plan to show the details

Expected Results:  The cost plan details should show
Actual Results: API-1019: Could not process the request due to internal error

Checked APP logs show:

ERROR 2023-01-10 09:15:30,553 [http-nio-8082-exec-32] services.UpdateCostPlanActualsService (clarity:user:session:PPM_REST_API) Problem occurred while populating CostPlan actuals information
ERROR 2023-01-10 09:15:48,822 [http-nio-8082-exec-11] STDOUT (clarity:user:session:PPM_REST_API)  SQLCurveFactory: Something occurred creating a sqlcurve 
org.json.JSONException: JSON does not allow non-finite numbers.


Release : 15.9.2+


The replacement character is the special character appearing in the cost plan .

The replacement character appears as a black diamond with a white question mark. 
The Unicode standard to represent the replacement character is designated as U+FFFD in the Specials table.
The character is used to replace an unknown or unrepresentable character, which indicate problems when a system is not able to render a stream of data to a correct symbol.

The special or replacement characters were injected or introduced, possibly by copy and paste from spreadsheet to Clarity but there is no conclusive evidence that this occurred or how it occurred.



Review the cost plan details and check for any special or replacement characters injected.
Please contact Support for review of the cost plan and methods to correct the entry.