Retrieve an element level with Bridge for Git
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Retrieve an element level with Bridge for Git


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Is it possible to create the Bridge for Git inventory with the whole version level history of elements?
Is it possible to RETRIEVE a particular version level of an element in Bridge for Git? 


Release : 18.1


Bridge for Git does not currently extract/synchronize the entire history of each element. But other tools allow such access/reference.

It is actually possible to retrieve a specific version from history.

Using the Endevor plug-in for Zowe CLI, you would run the following:

zowe endevor retrieve element <elemname> --environment ENVNAME --stage-number <STAGE> --sys SYSNAME --sub SUBNAME --type <TYPE> --element-version <VERSION> --level <LEVEL>

To identify the particular version of element that should be retrieved, run a print elements command with option history, check the source level history and then run the above with the right version level information.

Additional Information

With respect to Bridge for Git, there is an item in the development backlog for mappings with history, but it is a longer-term item and could be very resource intensive (if a mapping has 1000s of elements, the corresponding history would be significant).