Connection shows "none" in sqlserver probe custom checkpoint
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Connection shows "none" in sqlserver probe custom checkpoint


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have created a custom checkpoint in the sqlserver probe. When opening the profile and verifying the checkpoint, we can see that the connection shows "None"

Is this expected or is there an issue?  


Release : UIM 20.4 , sqlserver probe 5.x


Working as designed


The behavior described is expected.

When you open a custom checkpoint the Connection shows "none" by design. 


In fact, if you look at the saved configuration section there is no info about the connection: 


      active = yes
      description = 
      qos = no
      qos_list = yes
      interval =  
      sql_timeout =  
      scheduling = rules
      use_exclude = no
      use_include = no
      exclude_defs = yes
      include_defs = yes
      samples = 1
      send_alarm = yes
      query_checksum = 9VxqgnN6skmdaZtRo0mWF07+oLuWY6chymfBRdOtRAQ=
      type = 12
      column = 
      key = $time.b
      msg_variables = $time.b;$profile.x;$check.x;$instance.x
      query_file = query.txt
      interval_modus = no
      query_uid = 


Below is a custom checkpoint that is used inside a profile.

The connection is configured at a profile Level in every Profile and not at a checkpoint level.