CA/1: Explanation of EXPDT STATS/997
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CA/1: Explanation of EXPDT STATS/997


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CA 1 Flexible Storage


I have 3 older volumes using EXPDT STATS/997,  which the CA-1 manual defines  the '997'  as a reason code.

Status of held tape where sss is the reason code indicating why the tape is being held. This keyword has no JCL
equivalent. It is set by programs through the SET_KEYWORD function, or is entered through the keyword format
STATS/sss, to apply permanent retention (other than 99365) to an unknown situation, such as a broken chain."

Q1:  Was there ever a table of 'reason codes', such as 997, ever provided by CA-1 for STATS codes ??.

These 3 tapes were created back in 200*. 

The AUDIT Date and other AUDIT fields are not useful for these 3 tapes as they reflect when we migrated to a new Virtual Tape library back in 2021.   



CA/1: 14.0


STATS/997 was entered into the TMC during TMC conversion from CA 1 Release 4.9 to 5.0 format, when an invalid expiration date was detected.
In general STATS/nnn EXPDT are considered never expire tapes and they must be release manually.  


You can update the EXPDT with ZEROS using the ISPF interface or running TMSUPDTE to expire them.
Following sample TMSUPDTE control statements:
VOL vvvvvv,NODSN




Additional Information

The EXPDT STATS/997 is a hang over from a conversion problem from CA/1 R4.9 to R5.0 (from more than 20 years ago).