FMIDs when migrating from 6.4 to 11.6
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FMIDs when migrating from 6.4 to 11.6


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Easytrieve Report Generator


Migrating from Easytrieve Report Generator from release 6.4 to release 11.6, release 6.4 has the following FMIDs:
    the Runtime FMID C$A6400
    the Compiler FMID CI66400
    the Host Server FMID C$A6401
    the SQL FMID CF06400 (SQL),
    two IDMS FMIDs depending on release: CG26400 and CG26402 

Release 11.6 has the following FMIDs:
    the Compiler FMID: CA03B60 
    the Runtime FMID: CBAAB60
    the 6.4 Compatibility FMID: CCL2B60 

Are there additional FMIDs for release 11.6 for the SQL and IDMS and Host Server?


Easytrieve Report Generator, Release : 11.6


The only FMIDs for release 11.6 of Easytrieve are:
   CBAAB60   /* CA Easytrieve Runtime */
   CCL2B60   /* CA Easytrieve/Plus Compatibility Library */
   CA03B60   /* CA Easytrieve Compiler */

These are listed in the EZT3RECD member of your SAMPJCL, if you installed without CSM.

There are no specific FMIDs for SQL, IDMS, or the Host Server under release 11.6.

The Pan/SQL product itself has an FMID of CB2A240.