Upgrading to Dollar Universe 7 - Reporter and Explorer
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Upgrading to Dollar Universe 7 - Reporter and Explorer


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


We are currently upgrading Dollar universe to version 7 (from 6.10). 

We can see that the Reporter tool is now merged into Dollar universe Explorer (DUX). We only had the reporter tool on our production UVMS and have never used Explorer. 

Can both products coexist? Is there any impact having both Dollar Universe Explorer 7.x and Reporter 6.10.102 or superior on the same UVMS?


Release : 6.x and 7.x

Components: Reporter and Dollar Universe Explorer (DUX)


The Explorer and Reporter are not merged and do not cover the same features, Reporter is  a much more complete Reporting tool than explorer as it also extracts the Audit Trail, History Trace, Job Logs, Exceptions and so on.

Both products can coexists as both use a different method to extract the executions information from the nodes and store the data into their own database (Elastic Search for DUX).

Reporter will remain on version 6.10.x and there will be no version 7, nevertheless it will be compatible with UVMS 7.x / UVC 7.x given that Reporter version is 6.10.101 or superior.

Reporter 6.10.103 and above are compatible with DU version 7.00.01 and above.

Important note - if you use Oracle DB for Reporter then there is a bug that Reporter 6.10.101 and 6.10.102 cannot write into Oracle tables. So if you use the Oracle DB do not upgrade yet as you will be not able to use Reporter. 

Otherwise if you use DB different than Oracle you can install Reporter version 6.10.102 which is compatible with other v7 components.

Reporter 6.10.103 will fix this problem with Oracle Databases and should be released in second half of March 2023.