Single User Agent Installation
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Single User Agent Installation


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CA Harvest Software Change Manager


It is not possible to let run the Agent service as a user <> local system. 

Start service throws error 1053: The service did not respond ... in timely fashion

start cmd throws errors:

F:\CCC\Programme\Harvest\SCM>agntd -eh=HAgent.dfo -port=59001
HAgent | 20230118 10:13:05 | ERROR: Incorrect user name
HAgent | 20230118 10:13:05 | ERROR: Wrong Argument


Configuration ist Agent.arg:





Release : 14.0


Starting the agent from Windows Services window as a service will always start it for everyone so let us do try run agent as a service.

That leaves one option: run it from command prompt or batch file.

From command prompt:

agntd -usr=your-id -pwd=any-password-you-choose -port=59001 -trlvl=1

(the password does not need to be your id can pick any like Abc12345)

if this does work, then you could run

svrenc -f HT39093.dfo -usr your-id -pw any-password-you-choose


agntd -eh=HT39093.dfo -port=59001

if the last command works, you can create a batch file with this command and then user the Windows Task Scheduler to schedule a new task that runs the batch file at startup of machine and make sure run as your id as in the command svrenc. This way the agent runs every time the machine starts and this agent is for you only.