Additional Questions with DXOI and Spectrum Data Publisher Integration
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Additional Questions with DXOI and Spectrum Data Publisher Integration


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We have some additional questions that are not covered in the documentation between DXOI and the Spectrum Data Publisher.


Release : 22.2.x

DXOI with Spectrum Data Publisher




Is the FullSyncInterval publishing all related Spectrum Data again into DXOI ?
                      Yes, It will publish all inventory again.

Is the IncrementalSyncInterval publishing only the delta of Spectrum Data that has changed, added in Spectrum after the last synchronization ?
                      Yes, It uses the Spectrum subscription API and pushes the changes to DXOI.

What happens with Data that is removed from Spectrum ? Is this removed from DXOI during the synchronzation as well ?
                        Yes, with incremental sync any changes (Added, Removed, Updates) will be pushed to DXOI from Spectrum.

Is there any functionality similar to APM when the Spectrum Data Publisher is down for an amount of time, let´s say 24 hours or longer that the published data will disappear from the UI ?
                  DXOI Tas data has TTL value, inventory data will be expired after that if no updates/full sync happens in this period.

                  The TTL value is 60 days, and full sync occurs every 30 days, so if SDP is down for 60 days, Data from DXOI will be removed.

Could you please also explain the DestinationEntitiesPerPayload value. Is this pull or get and does 200 mean 200 items per call ?
                          DestinationEntitiesPerPayload is a push value, it is used for sending a number of alarms send to DXOI per call.