"write query ..." error when saving a checkpoint on the sqlserver probe
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"write query ..." error when saving a checkpoint on the sqlserver probe


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When you create a new checkpoint with a new, custom SQL query in sqlserver probe configuration, you get the following error when applying changes: 

"Write Query for checkpoint <checkpoint_name> returns error"


The changes cannot be saved and the query disappears from the configuration dialog window. 


Release :

UIM and SQLserver probe all versions with this functionality, as it's a permission issue on the destination server. 


The Nimsoft Watcher Service (or the user used by this service) on the system where the SQL server probe is deployed does not have READ and WRITE permissions. These permissions are necessary, for saving and reading the SQL query. 


Refer to the following article:



 Query file: specifies the file that stores the query. Each query is stored in separate files. Click the Read button to read the SQL query stored in the file. The query file name should contain a full path, otherwise, the file will be stored in the probe work directory.


Based on the above statement, the probe needs to be able to create a file in the work directory (inside Nimsoft/probes/databases/sqlserver) or it needs to be able to access the file manually created by you with Write & Read permissions (you need to create the file earlier, with Read&Write permissions for the user used by the Nimsoft, and specify the full path to this file in the probe's checkpoint configuration).

Please adjust the permissions for the Nimsoft user on the server where the SQLserver probe is deployed, or create a file with appropriate permission for Nimsoft.