EEM error message vs Permission Check
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EEM error message vs Permission Check


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CA Workload Automation AE


Running the following job:

insert_job: awa-p-set-gvar   job_type: CMD 
command: sendevent -E SET_GLOBAL -G all-date-today-yyyymmdd=$(date +%Y%m%d)
machine: localhost
owner: autosys

Results in :

CAUAJM_W_10413 Global Variable Execute Access Denied!
CAUAJM_W_10439 No policies granting access to resource.
CAUAJM_W_10440 Class: as-gvar Resource: PS1.all-date-today-yyyymmdd User: autosys Access: execute
CAUAJM_W_10442 Time: 1675096852  Delegator: None

But EEM Permission Check says "ALLOW":




Autosys 12.X


We found the root cause to be the Autosys application servers.
They seem to have an old cached copy of the EEM policies.
Once we bounced the application servers we then tested the job went through as expected.

As this issue is resolved I will plan to close this case at this time.

Below is the message that you might expect when the application server can not connect to EEM