APM 10.8 Install wipes out existing CEM tables
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APM 10.8 Install wipes out existing CEM tables


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


 We installed the EM only and the database wiped  out all the CEM (ts_*) tables. Including ts_domain which has the tb_db_version.

This is required to start an EM. (So the system did an unexpected drop table command.) 

 It also wiped out the install log.


Release : 10.7.0


Over the weekend I had asked the DBA to restore the 10.7.0 DB after it got wiped out on Friday during out WebEx session. Once he restored theDB, I then went into the table and changed the version to

(There was no new DB installed or upgraded. I am still using the same DB from v10.7.0_SP3 CHF60. I just renamed the db_versions table to v10.8.0.0.)

Then I installed EM v10.8.0 and pointed it to that same DB and it worked just fine without any ERRORs. The EM came up successfully and I was able to login to the workstation.

I was also able to install WebView v10.8.0.