Integration DX APM with Mail Office 365
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Integration DX APM with Mail Office 365


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


We have a client that needs to send alerts by email but the client uses Office365,

Could you send me the prerequisites and steps to carry out the integration, such as which server to point to and other issues to take into account, this is because It is not in the documentation.


Release : 10.8


Please note that when you create a new Notification Action, one of the fields to populate is the Mail Server.

In this field, you just need to enter the host, port, and security protocol to the Email Server of your choice.

This action type could send an email to several places:
Regular e-mail address
Already-defined mail list
Group email addresses
Pager gateway, which can trigger a pager

Enter the name of the SMTP host in the SMTP Host field.

I did a search for Office 365 and SMTP and found these two links

The server name appears to be Other details are in the above links. 

If using Details are

In summary, start with:

Port 587
Protocol: STARTTLS

And contact Microsoft Support if that fails.