Is is possible to activate Oracle Gradual Password Rollover (GPR)
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Is is possible to activate Oracle Gradual Password Rollover (GPR)


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Our DBA Admins activated Oracle GPR:

With Gradual Password Rollover (GPR) it is possible to change (rotate) passwords of Oracle Accounts without impacting the application (password change does not lead to any downtime).

How does GPR work?

Applying GPR keeps a password valid for a certain timeframe after it has been changed. The application may use either the former or the current password. Within the timeframe, the current (new) password needs to be propagated to the application (e.g. using the existing deployment process or manually). Once the timeframe has been left the former password gets disabled. Only the current (new) password stays valid.

Does GPR work with Automic with encrypted passwords


Release : v12.3.x, v21.0.x


The use of GPR with an encrypted password was successfully tested by customers:

After changing the password in the ucsrv.ini file(s), restart all the AE processes (WP, CP, JWP, JCP and REST) one by one, so no downtime is needed.