Client 0 objects modified during upgrade
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Client 0 objects modified during upgrade


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Is there a list or best practice for seeing what objects are going to be updated in Client 0 as part of the initial data load in an upgrade? 


Release : 12.3.9, 21.0.4 HF1


With 12.3.9 and 21.0.4 HF1, you can find the client 0 objects that will be overwritten in the uc_ini.txt file located in /db/general/[version]/ directory.  You can start the search at the line that says:

;Table OH was exported on: 

and end the search on the line:


searching for all lines between these that start with F003C.  Anything in these lines after F003C is the object name in client 0.  For example, you will find the line:


This is the HEADER.UNIX object and it will be fully replaced during the load of the initialdata.

A few things to note:
If you copy objects from client 0 to a non-0 client, the non-0 client object will not be updated
Do not make updates to uc_ini.txt as updates there are made for a specific reason and we cannot support any corruption that happens due to changes to this file.
No deletions are done from variable rows, only updates.  For example, UC_OBJECT_TEMPLATE is updated so that the default system objects (like JOBS.UNIX) are restored to their default.