Some actuals are missing in MUX Staffing Grid
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Some actuals are missing in MUX Staffing Grid


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SUMMARY: There are some resources whose timesheet hours are not showing on the Staffing Module Grid as well as the Staffing page on the Investment.

Steps to Reproduce: 

1. Post Timesheets
2. Go to the Staff Grid and configure Per-Period-Metrics for Actuals for the appropriate period

Expected Results:  All actual hours from timesheets show on the Staff Grids

Actual Results:  Certain resource's hours are not showing on the grids.

Workaround: It appears that updating the assignment will then trigger the values to show.  



Note that fix for DE68169 is for timesheets.

In addition it appears that manual and xogged transactions still may not show on the staffing pages.

This is reported as DE69221 and fixed in 16.1.2


Release : 16.1.0


DE68169 resolved in 16.1.1

DE69221 resolved in 16.1.2


Fixed in 16.1.1 for timesheets