Removing classic ppm navigate access right to disable classic PPM
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Removing classic ppm navigate access right to disable classic PPM


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Clarity PPM On Premise


We would like to disable classic UX access to a  specific user, for that we have removed "Classic PPM - Navigate" access from global rights. But still the user is able to browse the Classic interface. How can we completely block or disable classic PPM for a specific user?


Release 16.1


The "Classic PPM - Navigate" in question is only meant to provide a navigation link from new UX UI to classic PPM, this would not completely disable or block the access to classic PPM. The default classic PPM UI navigation link as per the screenshot below:


By design there is no security access right that exists in the product, that can restrict classic PPM or configuration that can disable classic PPM totally. A clarity user with no security access rights (global, instance or OBS) can always hit the http(s)://<server>/niku endpoint or would always be able to change the URL manually from http(s)://<server>/pm to http(s)://<server>/niku and be capable of still hitting the classic PPM UI, but the other navigations within classic PPM would be restricted based on the specific object or functional security access rights assigned to the resource.