Cost Plan Details Last Updated Date Updating
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Cost Plan Details Last Updated Date Updating


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When clicking on the cost plan name to open the cost plan and view its detailed records, the Last Updated Date and Last Updated By fields on the detailed records get updated to the current system date and user without even making any changes to the detailed records themselves. Is this expected?


Release : 15.9.3, 16.x


In the Modern UX, when a user accessing the cost plan details, a calculation/refresh of the actuals occurs, which triggers an update to record, which updates the "last updated date" and "last updated by". The system checks if there are pending actuals, which is tracked through the "actuals_out_of_date" field.

Starting from 16.1.2 this functionality changed for planned line items where updates occur with the last updated by the Administrator, when a user navigates to the Cost Plan Details/Budget Plan Details instead of the user.

There are additional enhancements being planned for 16.1.3 release where unplanned line items will also adopt the same logic to popuplate with Administrator user instead of current user navigating to the plan.