Jboss/Wildfly Migration Script Hanging With No Output
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Jboss/Wildfly Migration Script Hanging With No Output


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CA Identity Suite CA Identity Manager


JBoss/Wildfly migration script is not running when we issue the command. No output is generated. 



Identity Manager 14.3.x and 14.4.x


The migration script will execute "standalone.sh -version" to get the JBoss/Wildfly version for the source and destination JBoss/Wildfly. This command should not be starting JBoss/Wildfly but for some unknown reason we have seen in some environments that it does start JBoss/Wildfly rather then just return the version output string for the script to parse. This is a problem with JBoss/Wildfly and not with Broadcom software.


Either work with JBoss/Wildfly admin/support to resolve problems with the "standalone.sh -version" not behaving properly or modify the script so that instead of calling "standalone.sh -version" it hardcodes the version string.

So for example if "standalone.sh -version" was supposed to return "JBoss EAP 7.2.9.GA (Wildfly Core 6.0.30.Final-redhat-00001)" then instead of having something like this:

sVer=`sh "${src}"/bin/standalone.sh -version 2>&1`

dVer=`sh "${tar}"/bin/standalone.sh -version 2>&1`

you would set the sVer and dVer to the appropriate strings for your system such as for examples:

sVer="JBoss EAP 6.4.0.GA (AS 7.5.0.Final-redhat-21)"

dVer="JBoss EAP 7.2.9.GA (Wildfly Core 6.0.30.Final-redhat-00001)"