Create a Managed Endpoint Protection for Linux Full Installer package using SEP Linux Packager tool (seplpkg)
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Create a Managed Endpoint Protection for Linux Full Installer package using SEP Linux Packager tool (seplpkg)


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Endpoint Protection


The seplpkg tool makes it easy to create a full or offline Linux Installer package for a given platform or for all Linux distros. It is an ideal solution for an isolated environment for creating packages and deploying/installing agents on Linux distros. 

This tool currently runs on Linux and Windows.



Release : 14.3 RU5


Use Cases

  • Download packages and create a full SEP Linux Installer given a Cloud or SEPM Linux Installer stub on all platforms, which can be installed behind a firewall.


Download tool



For a general overview of seplpkg commands, run seplpkg-<windows/linux>-amd64 --help.

seplpkg (Symantec Endpoint Protection Linux Packager)

# seplpkg [required_args] [optional_args] [cmd]

          ls|list               List latest available packages
          dl|download   Generate an installer for an unmanaged SEPM agent.
          rp|repackage <LinuxInstaller>
                                 Requires Linux Installer stub downloaded from SEPM or Cloud management server
                                 NOTE: LinuxInstaller stub version must match the product release version specified with -product, otherwise the behavior of the resulting installation is undefined.

    Required arguments:
          --platform            Specify Linux platform/distro (see Product and Platforms section below). In addition, a list can be provided separated by space with double quotes, or "all" to select all supported platforms.
                                    (Ex: --platform "rhel7 rhel8" or --platform all)

    Optional arguments:
          --product             Specify SEP Linux product (i.e. 14.3ru3, 14.3ru4, 14.3ru5) By default the latest release is selected (14.3ru5)
          --outdir                Specify an output directory. By default the output directory "SEPLPackage" is created in the current working directory.
          --verbose            Verbose messages
          --version             Print version and exit
          --help                  Show the help
                                     The help will provide the latest information on SEP Product Releases and Available Platforms

Products and Platforms
Note: The platform and product names are matched case insensitive.

Available SEP Product Releases

  • 14.3ru3 (aka "sep14.3ru3", "14.3ru3", "ru3")
  • 14.3ru4 (aka "sep14.3ru4", "14.3ru4", "ru4")
  • 14.3ru5 (aka "sep14.3ru5", "14.3ru5", "ru5")

Available Platforms

  • amazonlinux2 (aka "amzn2")
  • debian9 (aka "deb9")
  • debian10 (aka "deb10")
  • rhel6 (aka "el6", "redhat6", "centos6")
  • rhel7 (aka "el7", "redhat7", "centos7")
  • rhel8 (aka "el8", "redhat8", "rocky8")
  • rhel9 (aka "el9", "redhat9", "rocky9")
  • sles12 (aka "suse12", "sle12")
  • sles15 (aka "suse15", "sle15")
  • ubuntu14 (aka "ub14")
  • ubuntu16 (aka "ub16")
  • ubuntu18 (aka "ub18")
  • ubuntu20 (aka "ub20")

Create a Managed SEP/SES for Linux Full Installer package.

  1. Export/Create the Linux Stub Package (LinuxInstaller) from the SEPM or ICDM Console
  2. Place the LinuxInstaller in the same location as the tool.
  3. Open Command Prompt as Administrator
  4. Navigate to the folder where the Linux Stub and Packager tool reside
  5. Run the seplpkg command along with the appropriate arguments to create a package for the needed Platforms and Product Releases.

For Example: Run the following command to create a 14.3 RU5 Linux Full Installer package for RHEL7 and RHEL8

seplpkg-windows-amd64.exe --platform "rhel7 rhel8" --product SEP14.3RU5 rp ./LinuxInstaller

Command :    repackage
Installer :  D:\SEPLinuxPackager\LinuxInstaller
Output Dir:  D:\SEPLinuxPackager\SEPLPackage
Repo URL:
Platform:    [rhel7 rhel8]
Product:     SEP14.3RU5

Downloading rhel7 packages ..

        Package                                  Size
        ---------------------------------------- ------------
        sdcss-           25.81 MB
        sdcss-caf-       9.04 MB
        sdcss-kmod-      6.69 MB
        sdcss-scripts-     33.81 KB

Downloading rhel8 packages ..

        Package                                  Size
        ---------------------------------------- ------------
        sdcss-           25.46 MB
        sdcss-caf-      10.38 MB
        sdcss-kmod-      4.90 MB
        sdcss-scripts-     37.84 KB

Downloaded 8 packages ( 82.35 MB )

Repackaging all with D:\SEPLinuxPackager\LinuxInstaller...
RHEL7 Installer: D:\SEPLinuxPackager\SEPLPackage\LinuxInstaller.rhel7.sep14.3ru5.202301261128
RHEL8 Installer: D:\SEPLinuxPackager\SEPLPackage\LinuxInstaller.rhel8.sep14.3ru5.202301261128


Additional Information

seplpkg (SEP Linux Packager tool)