AAI configuration tool shows "DB Schema: <Unavailable>" after database migration
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AAI configuration tool shows "DB Schema: <Unavailable>" after database migration


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When migrating the AAI database and updating the configuration tool with the new Database Connection details, the test is successful but the configuration tool shows that the DB Schema is unavailable, and the Expected schema is not correct.



Release : 6.4.3


1. Verify all connection details are correct with a third party database tool like SQL Developer.


2. Check the /<Install dir>/jboss/standalone/configuration/jaws-database.xml to see if the updated database information is in the file or is it still showing the old database connection details.


3. If the old details are still in the file, Uncheck the "Encrypt" button and try to save the database details again and see if it updates the file.

4. If the steps above do not work you can make a backup copy of the /<Install dir>/jboss/standalone/configuration/jaws-database.xml and edit the file to update the new database connection details.

You must be sure to set the line below within the file to false:


Should be:




If there are stil issues please open a case with Broadcom Support and provide the configtool.log from the /<Install dir>/config/log directory.