error during Search Server Startup
search cancel error during Search Server Startup


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During startup attempt of Search Server:



The searchserver-stderr.20XX-XX-XX.log files may indicate

20XX-XX-XX 10:51:40 Commons Daemon procrun stderr initialized
ElasticsearchParseException[null-valued setting found for key [] found at line number [98], column number [11]]


Release : 17.3

CA Service Management


check the config.yml and elasticsearch.yml files to see if the node, hostname, and cluster nodes need to be updated

The files are located here:

C:\Program Files\CA\SC\CASearchServer\search\config\config.yml
C:\Program Files\CA\SC\CASearchServer\elasticsearch-7.17.6\config\elasticsearch.yml

In the file elasticsearch.yml where the issue is appearing, line 98 shows: 

In a working Search Server, server SS-HOSTNAME, finding in corresponding file elasticsearch.yml SS-HOSTNAME