DE (ESP dSeries) Web Client is not reachable or server alias not available
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DE (ESP dSeries) Web Client is not reachable or server alias not available


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Users cannot access DE (ESP dSeries) Web Client by browser or when website is accessible the 'Server Alias' field is blank.







The Web Client must be accessed first with exact URL as per README located in the install directory of the client.


When the client is installed it uses the hostname of the machine as access point.  If the hostname is not resolvable then make appropriate DNS entries.  Check hostname on Linux or Windows by executing this command:  hostname.

E.g. If 'hostname' command returns "example", and port used for https is 8443 then default URL will be:


The exact link must be first used to access the Web Client.  Any change to the URL will not allow proper access.  If the hostname is not resolvable, then make appropriate entries.  If you want to use a FQDN, then hostname command must result in fully qualified name before the Installation of Web client.

It is recommended to uninstall the Web Client, fix the hostname so that it either is resolvable or has FQDN, then install the client again.  Always use the URL from README to access the link first.

Additional Information

The README also has the following instructions:

If you want to access DE Web UI using any other alias names such as localhost or IP address or with domain name, access the above URL first with a valid login. Only after you authenticate the logic of WEB UI using the above url, you can use URLs with alias name. If you miss this step and access the URL using alias name first, you will encounter an error "The login service is not available at the moment."