What are the spectrum attributes allowed to be presented to SRM?
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What are the spectrum attributes allowed to be presented to SRM?


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DX NetOps


The Spectrum Report Manager historical device management feature polls devices for well-known attributes, such as device name and network address in DX NetOps Spectrum.

However, you can pull more data from devices, such as vendor-specific data, or settings that are applicable to a business environment. Therefore, Spectrum Report Manager enables you to tailor the device polling behavior.

In this scenario, we were able to configure Spectrum to present spectrum attributes to SRM/Reports, by following the documentation:


It worked fine when we initially configured the "0x3b71e45" (model type = F5BigIPdev) attribute in the devicemodel-polling.xml file. Then, we were able to see this attribute available when creating the ad-hoc report in CABI Jaspersoft.

However, when we tried to add a second attribute (interface attribute - 0x12a71 - model type = Gen_IF_port), it does not work and we are able to see the following error in OC/SRM tomcat log file :

nested exception is com.aprisma.spectrum.app.repmgr.exceptions.UnknownModelTypeException: An unknown model type name was specified in the attribute polling configuration. Please edit the following file, and change the model type name to a known name.
  Model Type Name: Gen_IF_Port
  Attribute polling file: /apps/nm/spectrum/tomcat/webapps/spectrum/WEB-INF/repmgr/config/devicemodel-polling.xml

Here is the content of xml file:

So, we need to know what are the attributes available to be polled and presented to SRM/reporting, in order to have them available in CABI ad hoc reports.


Release : Any Spectrum supported version.


Currently, the additional device attribute feature only works for device attributes, and not for device interface attributes.

An Enhancement Request (case #33342960 / DE556855) was created to make the device interface attributes available in SRM in the next Spectrum versions.