Add UI Certificate/Key in SSL Visibility for secure management
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Add UI Certificate/Key in SSL Visibility for secure management


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SV-3800 SV-2800 SV-1800 SV-800 SV-S550 SSL Visibility Appliance Software


Adding a UI Certificate will allow for a secure connection to be confirmed when managing the SSL Visibility Appliance.


This is relevant to all hardware and software versions of the SSL Visibility Appliance.


In order to add a Certificate/Key to the SSLv several steps need to be taken.  In order to do this a key is required with your certificate.  To do this you may utilize openSSL via Linux or Windows.  An application called XCA can also be utilized which is basically provides a GUI or wrapper for openSSL for ease of use.

Utilizing XCA you would first create a private key.  This will be utilized when uploading the certificate to the SSLv.  After creating a private key, then create a certificate.  The goal is to create a certificate to provide to your PKI team to get signed by the CA.  You are creating a CSR certificate, a certificate signing request.

After your key is created, then you may create your certificate.  After creating the certificate it can then be provided to the CA for signing.  

Once you receive the certificate back you may upload it to the SSLv along with the key that was created in the beginning of the exercise.

Additional Information

The following link can be used to download XCA.