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OPSJES2 function not returning any value


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


OPSJES2 function is returning '0' for the inquiry of 'LINE' where the value should be 15. The same code works on our test systems but fails to return the correct value in Production. This issue started after z/OS was upgraded to 2.4. 



Release : 13.5


The z/OS 2.4 compatibility PTFs had not been applied on the production system, and subsequently the OPS/MVS JES2 offset table had not been updated accordingly. 


As new releases of z/OS are implemented, compatibility PTFs may be required for OPS/MVS to function properly within the new z/OS environment. 

The following OPS/MVS compatibility PTFs must be applied to ensure that OPS/MVS 13.5 works properly with z/OS 2.4:

SO06788 - 

SO08241 -

SO09387 -

SO09794 -

SO11878 -

SO12591 -

SO12622 -

SO12722 -

When upgrading z/OS on a system running OPS/MVS, always refer to the compatibility matrix to ensure all necessary compatibility PTFs are applied prior to the upgrade.

OPS/MVS z/OS Compatibility Matrix -