MUX - Order of numeric values in multi-valued lookup field is incorrect
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MUX - Order of numeric values in multi-valued lookup field is incorrect


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Clarity PPM On Premise


We've created a multi-value lookup attribute that grabs a list of numbers. We're having difficulties with the order that our selected values are being displayed.

Steps to Reproduce: 

1. Create custom master object and api enable it.
2. Create subobject under master object created in step 1 and api enable it.
3. Create numeric attribute on the subobject and api enable it.
4. Create a lookup with below NSQL (note table and field names will vary)
@SELECT:GOC_NUM:[email protected],
@SELECT:NAME:[email protected]
FROM odf_ca_sub1
AND @[email protected]
5. Create multi-valued lookup attribute (api enable it) on the subobject based on the lookup created in step 4.
6. Navigate to MUX and go to Custom Objects
7. Create one test instance of the custom object
8. Ensure subobject has been added to the blueprint as a module
9. Create 15 or so instances of the subobject
10. Attempt to select several values for multi-valued lookup created in step 5.
11. Notice that order of those values is incrorrect.

Expected Results: It should sort values in the numeric order where 11 should not be before 2.

Actual Results: It is not sorting it correctly.


Release : 16.0.1


DE68240, Under review by Engineering team.