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Updating Group Description fails because of Business Rule Conditions


Article ID: 258412


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Steps to reproduce this behaviour are as follows:

  1. Create about 30 Business Rules that meet the following criteria
    1. Under "Conditions" section, pick a field against which multiple values can be chosen
    2. Choose at least two values against such a field
  2. The Actions and other inputs of the Business Rule can vary
  3. Open an existing Group in the system via Administration -> Groups (in the Classic UI)
  4. Attempt to update its description

Expected Behaviour: The description of the group is updated

Actual Behaviour: The description of the group does not get updated

Workaround: Split the Business Rule that chooses multiple values against a single field in "Conditions", to multiple Business Rules.




DE68214 is under review.