CA Examine vs Auditor for z/OS
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CA Examine vs Auditor for z/OS


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Auditor for z/OS


1) Did CA-Examine become Auditor for z/OS???

2) CA-Examine has been running on the Mainframe since 2007. Do you need to upgrade it to Auditor?

3) What is the most current version of CA-Examine? Or does it have to be installed or converted from Examine to Auditor for z/OS?


Release : 12.0


1) Auditor was formerly CA Examine. 

2) No. The name for CA Examine was changed to Auditor at release 12.0.

3) The current release of Auditor is 12.1. There is no conversion necessary to go from CA Examine to Auditor for z/OS. They are the same product that was renamed.