Block notification service is not working for some computers
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Block notification service is not working for some computers


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


Whilst testing Block Notification service and newer version of the agent the service is not working at all. The agent does not show the "WSSNS" on the agent status UI at all.


WSS Agent 7.x and above


The customer environment had some firewall rules in place that blocked requests going to the network.

This network is designated as TEST-NET-1 [1] and is used by the WSS Agent internally to route traffic from the wssad.exe process (which normally sends all traffic directly to the Internet as this process maintains the OpenSSL tunnel to Cloud-SWG pop) to Broadcom Cloud SWG (like the WSSNS traffic as well as SAML related traffic).

When the TEST-NET-1 is blocked the some agent checks to validate if WSSNS can be used fail and WSSNS is not used and is not showing on the WSS Agent.


Make sure the TEST-NET-1 network is not blocked on the WSS Agent computers.

The TEST-NET-1 assigned range does not appear on the Internet (and as such is not Internet routable).

Additional Information

[1] - This block is assigned as "TEST-NET-1" for use in
   documentation and example code.  It is often used in conjunction with
   domain names or in vendor and protocol
   documentation.  As described in [RFC5737], addresses within this
   block do not legitimately appear on the public Internet and can be
   used without any coordination with IANA or an Internet registry.  See