How to create a spike in Rally
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How to create a spike in Rally


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Could you please let me know how we can create a Spikes in Rally, We just need to create a user story or feature mentioning as Spike or there is any tags or tabs to link and create a Spike?Also, confirm if we can create a Feature spike.


Release : SAAS


How can users create SPIKE in Rally?


The task of creating SPIKE may be completed by including the term "SPIKE" in the description.
Users may search for artifacts using tags, and they can also utilize the Name contains Spike filter in dashboards.

What questions you're attempting to research or answer should be included in the detailed description as part of the spike.

1. Here is a Spike sample using UserStory.

2. Here is a Spike using Feature.

3. Using Tags - Add SPIKE and assign them to your artifacts later you can use it for filtering.