Adding API Attribute Key directly for custom attributes
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Adding API Attribute Key directly for custom attributes


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Clarity PPM On Premise


We have migrated 15.3 to 16.0.3 version on our test environment and target now is to move all our functionalities to Modern UX. In order for showing attributes on Modern UX, we need to add the API attributes on every field on which we do not have api attribute. Since we have lot of custom fields and forms, we are looking for any way that can add the keys via backend without having to save the attribute properties from Classic PPM. 

We have already added the API key "ODF_CUSTOM_ATTRIBUTES" , but not able to see the fields on "Attributes page" under modern UX administration tab. Need to go to the attributes of objects in classic PPM studio individually and do a dummy save action and the changes are reflected.



Release 16.1 and supported releases.


The recommended approach would be to setup the API aliases via the 16.0.3 Classic PPM studio UI, and from the support side we generally do not recommend direct SQL updates, unless if the direct SQL update procedure was certified via a product defect or support documentation.

Running a SQL trace shows other tables that seed the api key apart from ODF_CUSTOM_ATTRIBUTES table (api_alias), tables involved like ODF_ATTR_METADATA (api_attribute_alias). If these two table references are looking in sync for the custom attribute, then you could try clearing the application cache and see if the save function on object attribute properties is still required via Classic PPM UI administration.