Mainframe connectivity without the 1000base-T cards
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Mainframe connectivity without the 1000base-T cards


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Automation Point


In a meeting with IBM recently the topic of copper based OSA adapters came up.  The OSA-ICC’s are copper based that are used to connect from the Mainframes to the Dedicated Mainframe DRM switches for use for the Automation Point consoles.  IBM is considering removing this capability and these cards on a future machines, beyond z/Next / z16.  So z/Next-Next z/17 would not have them, they would be replaced with a completely optical solution.  Would AP servers would know the difference between a copper vs. fiber solution?

With IBM’s announcement of end of life for the 1000base-T card that we use for OSA-ICC connections for Automation Point consoles, do you know how AP will plan to move forward for Mainframe connectivity without the 1000base-T cards? 


Release : 11.7


There is no real hardware requirement for cabling between AP and the mainframe consoles/sessions..
As long as there is a TCP/IP connection in an 3270 format to the consoles then it should be fine..