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Processing failures on step 5 of data source query processing jobs


Article ID: 258317


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Information Centric Analytics


One or more RiskFabric_IW_DataSourceQueryID_nn jobs are failing and returning a 404 error code in the Splunk importer log. The SQL Server Agent indicates job failure with an error code of 170.


Release : 6.5.4


The job failure is caused by an incorrect Splunk Application Name.


Correct the Splunk Application Name field in the failing job's data source query by following this procedure:

  1. Open the RiskFabric application
  2. Navigate to Admin > Integration > Data Sources > Choose Data Source | User Defined
  3. In the list of User Defined Datasources, locate the data source for the query and job in question
  4. Expand the data source name to list the query or queries that use the data source
  5. Right-click the query to update and select Edit Query
  6. On the Query Details page, locate and update the field Splunk Application Name
  7. Click the Save button
  8. When prompted to Run Staging Table Creation, click the No button