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TDM: Non-Relational : File creation : avro files


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


I have few questions regarding CA TDM 4.10.9, mentioned below.

Question 1: To create avro files. Can we create test data for avro file format using CA TDM ?

as per my knowledge, CA TDM doesn't support avro file creation. But just want to know second view/to check with support team.

Question 2 : To create non-relational test data/file JSON, WSDL, and Request-Response Pair (RR Pair) file. This functionality is applicable only for the Microsoft SQL Server connection profiles(SQL Server TDM Repository), correct ? (this functionality is not supported for Oracle 19c TDM Repository, correct).





Release : 4.10


Answers to your questions:

Question 1:  Answer is no.

Question 2:  The answer is correct for just MS SQL Server connections to shred the json ... into tables. This is irrespective of repository which can be SQL Server or Oracle.