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Installed executable loadmodule is not copying to the implementation load lib within the Gen Implementation Toolset


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When using the Gen z/OS IT (Implementation Toolset), and generating wither a full install, OR when using F6 to perform steps and select the install step, the created load module is NOT being copied/moved to the implementation load library from the EXE load library.  This worked in the past, note that the load module generated in the EXE load lib works correctly.


Release : 8.6


This feature is no longer used in Gen 8.6.  See the following Gen 8.6 documentation link (scroll to bottom) of the section 'Install the Load Module':

This Gen 8.6 documentation link contains a note that states:  The Impl loadlib is no longer populated. The copy from the EXE loadlib to the Impl loadlib has been removed.

Note that the target location 'Impl Load Lib'  still displays on the target where you specify locations (panel IEFC5), but it is no longer used in Gen 8.6 as noted in the above documentation link.