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uniimpsec fails to import groups attached to users


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While migrating a UVMS from a server A to a server B, the command "uniexpsec -full" was used to export all Logins, Groups, Roles, System User Patterns into a XML file.

Then, this xml file was used as input to import these objects into the new UVMS B with the command "uniimpsec -full".

As a result, out of the 449 Logins defined in the XML file, 200 of them were missing the Group attachment, so their Group list was Empty or not all of the Logins were imported.


Release : 6.x and 7.x

Component: Univiewer Management Server (UVMS)


The issue was the Memory limit of the uvms process (set by variable UXMAXJVMMEM) which is by default set to 512MB and is not enough to handle the import of all the security objects from a XML file.


To fix the issue, please follow the steps below:

1. Increase the memory limit of the uvms to 1024 instead of the current 512, this can be done in UVC - Node Settings of the UVMS - Advanced Settings

2. Save and Close and then Stop and Start the uvms

3. Import again the same xml file with the option -full -merge


./uniimpsec -file /apps/kits/sec.xml -full -merge

4. This time all users will have their groups merged with the ones on the xml so it will fix users having no Group attached.