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PAM Password View approval emails intermittently not reaching the approvers/requestors


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)


PAM Password View approval emails intermittently not reaching the approvers/requestors. This was a intermittent issue and customer reached out to Broadcom support a few days later after the incident to request help in investigating this email failure.


Release : 4.1


Generally these are SMPT server related issues in the customer's  environment


1. Kindly file a PAM Support case for help and share the time span the issue occurred.

2. Check if there were incidents already filed internally  for email issues during the time span in #1 and the SMTP server configured in PAM for email delivery.

3. In a timely fashion (close to the incident) kindly upload the PAM logs.bin so that the Catalina logs do not rollover and are lost. This is time sensitive step as Catalina logs will point to an error that PAM encountered when initiating the email sent. Below is an example of a  successful email sent message in Catalina logs (masked some information)

2023-01-11T21:10:49.454+0000 INFO [EmailService.send] Sending email message
Do not reply to this email.<BR><BR>The status of your request to view the password for account xxxxxxxx was approved by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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