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Orphaned LDAP Sync in Cluster - How to remove this in VIP Enterprise Gateway


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VIP Service


Because of changing the OS from our single Server VIP Enterprise Gateway Console. We exported the configuration from the Server. Removed the Software and killed the Server. After that we reinstalled a new Server with same name and ip and imported the configuration.

All seems working fine. But we have now in the Home Section of the VIP Enterprise Console 2 ldap sync instances (seen table below):

How can we removed this orphaned LDAP Sync instance (VIP_EG Stooped Jan 19, 2023-07:43 PM CET) from our environment?


Release : Enterprise Gateway - 9.10.1


The stopped VIP EG instance will eventually turn into dead status and it will be removed from the Home screen. This does not impact any of the VIP EG functionality and in few days the orphaned VIP EG should go away.