Blueprint Rule Create Error API-1007
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Blueprint Rule Create Error API-1007


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When adding a blueprint rule, the following error is displayed:
API-1007: You are not authorized to process request. Contact your system administrator for necessary security rights

1. What right(s) are needed to to create a blueprint rule?

2. How can rules be created?



Release : 16.1.0


The following global rights are needed to create a blueprint rule:
Administration - Access
Blueprint - Create Copy
Blueprint - Edit - All
Blueprint- View - All

In order to execute a non object-based process, use the following steps:

1. Go to the project blueprint > Edit > New Rule

2. Enter the following for the new rule

a. Rule Name
b.Target Object=Project
c. Set Conditions. Add optional filters
d. Set Actions=Disable editing, hiding, and/or setting required attributes

Note: If setting to "Set required attributes”, this will provide opportunity to list the attributes that need to be required.

Additional Information

If there is process that exists in Classic to lock some or  all object attributes, when attempting to edit the attribute,
the following message will appear CMN-0015: Attribute 'xxxxxx' was locked and cannot be changed.

The process in Classic will either need to be changed or disabled in order for the Modern rule to work.