Port Monitoring Status
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Port Monitoring Status


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Based on the net_connect image below to monitor port 48002, the port is taken as not responsive once the timeout of 1000ms is reached? Which database table stores this info and what is the value that is stored in the database table when this timeout is reached so that we know that the port is not reachable?




Release : 20.3/20.4

Probe: Url_response


The highlighted values stored in the probe cfg, if no changes done in the services the value will picked from the section: 


      active = yes
      challengeresponsetimeout = 1000
      sendcommand = no


If the default value has been changed then it will store this value inside the services section of the probe .cfg  <epmap > is service 


            active = yes
            challengeresponsetimeout = 1000
            sendcommand = no
            responsemustcontain = no
            sendcommand2 = no
            response2mustcontain = no
            sendcommand3 = no
            response3mustcontain = no



And there will not be any QOS_MESSAGE for the response time out if the port is not reachable.

The probe will only send an alarm when the port is not reachable. this alarm will be stored in uim NAS_ALARMS table.