APMIA 2022.6.0.9 not installing on AIX
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APMIA 2022.6.0.9 not installing on AIX


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CA Application Performance Management (APM / Wily / Introscope)


Trying to install version APMIA Infrastructure Agent 2022.6.0.9 on AIX 7.0 server, get an error on install. 

Log text:

  [INFO] Host Monitoring Only : flag 0.
  [INFO] Host Monitoring Only : flag 0.

*******************  [INFO]********************
  [INFO] Current Shell: /usr/bin/ksh
  [INFO] Home Directory: /root
  [INFO] Your O/s Type: AIX
  [INFO] Current directory: /opt/apm/apmia
  [INFO] APM Infrastructure Agent user entered install
  [INFO] APM Infrastructure Agent home /opt/apm/apmia
  [INFO] APM Infrastructure Agent Installation In Progress...
  [INFO] APM Infrastructure Agent installation mode is with Host Monitoring Agent.
  [INFO] 1691 port is free
  [INFO] Extracting tar files
  [INFO] Calling installer to install sysedge
  [INFO] ./ca-setup.sh install -p 1691
We don't support other Linux distributions
  [INFO] Host Monitoring Agent Installation is Completed with Exit Status as 0. If exit status is non zero please check CA_SystemEDGE_Core/sysedge_install.log and APMIA_install.log
  [INFO] creating default service file for sysedge using SRC...
  [INFO] Owner of apmia folder is root.
  [INFO] Updating log4j in IntroscopeAgent.profile with logfile
Detected AIX:
Installing the APM Infrastructure Agent daemon...
0513-071 The apmia Subsystem has been added.
Starting APM Infrastructure Agent with SRC...
Waiting for APM Infrastructure Agent..................
WARNING: APM Infrastructure Agent may have failed to start.
  [INFO] APM Infrastructure Agent could not be installed/started.
  [INFO] Host Monitoring Agent is not present at /opt/apm/apmia.
Detected AIX:
APM Infrastructure Agent is not running.
Removing APM Infrastructure Agent daemon...
0513-083 Subsystem has been Deleted.
  [INFO] APM Infrastructure Agent Uninstallation Completed.



Release : 22.1


The internal JVM was corrupted in some way in the package from ACC. 


We recreated the ACC package and it appears to be working now