When try to create a new menu tree node get duplicate record error
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When try to create a new menu tree node get duplicate record error


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CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager CA Service Desk Manager


When a Service Desk administrator tries to add a new menu tree node for a custom menu tree, an error displays saying cannot  create due to duplicate record. However, there is no node with the same name. In fact, creating any node with any name gives the same error.

With 'pdm_logstat -f sqlclass 1000' tracing enabled, every time an insert into the usp_menu_tree MDB table is attempted, a database error returns saying duplicate record is found.


CA Service Desk Manager 17.x


The duplicate refers to the id field of the usp_menu_tree MDB table. 

Please follow these steps:

1.  Get the largest id from usp_menu_tree table by running this query on the MDB

select id from usp_menu_tree order by id

2.  Let's say the largest id is 401005

Update the kc key to be bigger that the largest id mentioned above by running this query

update kc set key_value=402000 where key_name='usp_menu_tree'

Notice that is the new key_value 402000 is bigger than 401005

3.  Try to create a new menu tree node and there should be no error presented